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AYE CLUB MEMBERS (Last update: 5 June, 2017 )

Current AYE Runners

The 15th EM was run on 28 May 2017 and had 23 finishers - the 'Class of 2017'

The 14th EM was run on 29 May 2016 and had 24 finishers - the 'Class of 2016'

The 13th EM was run on 31 May 2015 and had 26 finishers - the 'Class of 2015'

The 12th EM was run on 25 May 2014 and had 27 finishers - the 'Class of 2014'

The 11th EM was run on 26 May 2013 and had 32 finishers - the 'Class of 2013'

The 10th EM was run on 27 May 2012 and had 38 finishers - the 'Class of 2012'

The 9th EM was run on 22 May 2011 and had 42 finishers - the 'Class of 2011'

The 8th EM was run on 23 May 2010 and had 47 finishers - the 'Class of 2010'

The 7th EM was run in May 2009 and had 55 finishers - the 'Class of 2009'

Below are all Current AYE Runners in alphabetical order - click thumbnails for larger images.

Notes: Billy has run every Edinburgh Marathon there has ever been going back to the very first in 1982, through the 1999 event and onto the current series. Edinburgh is his home city so he's always proud to run it, even if the course has changed a few times over the years. Billy has completed 32 marathons to date (March 2011).
Dennis Brandwick

Notes: In 2003 when Dennis ran his first Edinburgh Marathon at the tender age of 18, it was purely a personal challenge. A self-confessed sports hater at school, he completed the race just 'to see if I could do it' and enjoyed the experience so much that entered the 2004 race as soon as entries opened. Entering again year-on-year, the race has now become a regular part of his calendar and while it is currently the only race he enters each year, running has now definitely become a part of his life and he hopes in the future to add more races to his schedule. Aside from running, Dennis has a passion for radio and works as a live sound engineer for Butlins. He lives in Broadstairs in Kent with a parrot called Wellington and says that if he wasn't here he'd probably be away trying to circumnavigate the globe in the guise of Phileas Fogg!
Club: unattached
Marathon PB: 5:03:26 (Edinburgh 2008)
Age: 25 (2010)


Scottish Borders


Notes: As well as being an AYE runner, Chris also ran 2 of the 1980s Edinburgh Marathons. in 2011 he entered the surreal world of ultra-marathons and ha successfully competed the D33 (33mls x5), the Highland Fling (53 mls x4), and the Devil 'O the Highlands (43 mls x4). In 2016 Chris has completed the West Highland Way race (95 miles) and this along with the Fling and the Devil put the 'Triple Crown' in the bag !
Chris works as an Ambulance Paramedic for the Scottish Ambulance Service and lives in West Linton in the Scottish Borders.
Club: Penicuik Harriers
Marathon PB: 04:11:20 (London 2010)
Favourite marathon event: London
Favourite non-marathon event: Devil 'O The Highlands

Age: 54 (2017)




Notes: Reasons for running- started running by accident 10 years ago as a way to get fit after nasty case of shingles and inner ear infection meant I couldn't ride my bike or play football for a few months. Watched the London Marathon on TV while sick one Sunday morning and decided to get off my backside and give it a go. Haven't really stopped since and have 11 marathons, many half marathons, and countless 10ks behind me now. Main goal is to one day get under 4 hrs marathon one day , but mainly just run because it feels good and is a natural thing to do. I aim to do more off road , hill runs in the future, just for the hell of it!
Best marathon: London
Best other race: Great Wilderness Challenge, Poolewe - 25 mile cross country race.
Age: 45 (born 1966)




Club: London Heathside RC - (formerly Corstorphine AAC in Edinburgh)
Marathon PB: 03:21 (Edinburgh 2007)
Favourite marathon event: London
Favourite non-marathon event: the Devil o' the Highlands 43-mile foot race along the West Highland Way (2009)
Age: 43 (2010)
East Kilbride




Notes: I take part in a wide range of events. As a member of Central Athletic Club, I enjoy being part of a team, the banter, the training and competing in club events particularly cross country. Running along side friends makes it all worth while. My off road running and hill running provides a good contrast to the road miles! The great selection of ultra races available across Scotland provide fantastic long days out in a very scenic environment. Completing the West Highland Way two years in a row was a particular highlight, proving to me, it can be done! More recently, I have enjoyed Park runs and with the purchase this year of my first pair of running flats, I hope to hone my PB down even more!
Club: Central Athletic Club
Marathon PB: 3h43m57s (Loch Ness 2006)
Favourite marathon event: ?
Favourite non-marathon event: Ben Nevis Hill Race
Age: ?


Notes: Kenneth has now run over 60 marathons having started running in 1998, running his first marathon at the Edinburgh Marathon in 1999. He now spends too much money and most of his free time training and competing in triathlon with 8 Ironman finishes to his name to date. Kenneth works in Dubai as an Engineering Consultant, but having studied and lived in Edinburgh for six years, enjoys his annual trip back to run 26 miles in Scotland's capital.
Club: Tri-Dubai
Marathon PB: 2h47:43 (London 2010)
Favourite marathon event: London
Favourite non-marathon event: Ironman World Championships, Kona
Age: 38 (2015)




Notes: Jimmy has run all of the Edinburgh marathons, including the very first in 1982, his debut. His career highlight was competing for GBR in the World Duathlon Championships in Edinburgh in 2010, and of course that PB.
Marathon PB: 02:46 (Rotterdam 1989)
Age: 59




Notes: Jim gave up a comfortable life as a couch potato and started running in 1999, age 37. Edinburgh 2003 was his first marathon and 2010 will be his 19th (+ 1 ultra). Inspired by Ron Hill, Jims New Year's resolution this year was to run at least a mile every day and so far has stuck to it. Guinness plays a significant part in his training!
Club: Polmont Joggers
Marathon PB: 03:13:41 (Edinburgh 2008)
Favourite marathon event: London (or maybe Loch Ness)
Favourite non-marathon event: Glen Clova 1/2M.
Age: 48 (Sept 2009






North Berwick

Notes: George Salmond lives in North Berwick with his wife Angela and daughter Courtney-Beth. He is deputy headteacher at George Watson's College, Edinburgh. A very sporting chap, George has 146 caps (104 as captain) for Scotland at cricket (1990 - 2001) including 1998 Commonwealth Games and 1999 World Cup. In 2006, he became a Grade 1 football referee in the senior Scottish leagues (SPL & Divisions 1-3).
Club: Portobello Running Club - website
Marathon PB: 2:59:15 (London 2006)
Favourite marathon event: London
Favourite non-marathon events: 7-Hills, Edinburgh (approx 15 miles with 7 serious hills) & North Berwick Law race.







Notes: In October 2014, Kenneth ran the Dublin marathon which brought his total tally to an awesome 100 marathons including all Loch Ness events. His running career started in Australia when he took part in the City to Surf race - a mere 14 km!
Club: Perth Road Runners - website
Marathon PB: 03:12 (Inverclyde ~1994)




Fellow AYE Runners
Below are Fellow AYE Runners who have completed at least 7 consecutive Edinburgh Marathons from 2003 onwards.
14 Edinburgh Marathons - 2003 to 2015
George McBean
13 Edinburgh Marathons - 2003 to 2015
Michael McCabe Special note - Michael had to retire from running in 2016 due to ill health. He was, of course, the founder of the AYE club and we shall forevery be in his debt for his inspirational move - without the formation of the club, one can be quite sure that we would be far fewer in number.
John Huyton  
12 Edinburgh Marathons - 2003 to 2014
Robert Cole
11 Edinburgh Marathons - 2003 to 2013
Alan Aitchison    
Claire Dalrymple Special note - Claire has started all 15 EM marathons to date and was unlucky not to finish in 2014.
Yvonne Prager  
Yvonne Davies  
Peter Rogan  

10 Edinburgh Marathons - 2003 to 2012  
David Henderson  
Ross Laing  
Gordon MacDonald  
Kevin Milne  
Iain Rankin  
Alan Wardell  

9 Edinburgh Marathons - 2003 to 2011  
Paul Blakey   Special note - Paul has missed just one EM to date.
Stuart Hay  
David Ruxton  
David White  

8 Edinburgh Marathons - 2003 to 2010  
Alan Duffy 2010
Kenneth Simpson 2010
Gary Wade 2010
Thomas White 2010

7 Edinburgh Marathons - 2003 to 2009

Paul Bannon 2009
Peter Copp 2009
Chris Dawson 2009
Gordon McKenzie 2009
Daniella Rivatellie 2009
Lynda Sutherland 2009
Jonathon Seddon 2009
Niall McLellan 2009

No longer with us......

Alan Wardell Alan died on 21st June 2012 at the tragically young age of just 46 years - he was playing five aside football with friends when he suffered a devastating stroke. His wife Judith said "he was very proud of his running and said he would run every year he could". Alan got Judith into running and she will be competing in her 2nd marathon in 2013 in his memory.
Colin Crampton

Colin passed away in July 2010 - a few notes from his son: “He loved everything about Edinburgh and always talked about the mile aye club. He ran 21 marathons in total but always insisted Edinburgh was the best, I came up with him 2008 and 2009 and met some of you after the race at Musselburgh, and he took part this year too. He really did love the club, the race and the city itself.”

Notes: Colin completed 21 marathons and was also a keen cyclist - picture shows him on the summit of Mont Ventoux in 2009. Ran Edinburgh because he gained his Doctorate there in 1978 and loved the city ever since.
Marathon PB: 03:23 (Wolverhampton ~1986)
Favourite marathon event: Edinburgh
Favourite non-marathon event: Stratford on Avon Half.