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MISC (Last update: 9 June, 2015 )


All The Presidents Men
2014 . . . Chris Burns
2012 to 2014 George Douglas
2009 to 2012 Robert Cole
2007 to 2009 Michael McCabe

May 2015 - Reflections by Michael McCabe
Every Edinburgh Marathon is special to me, having started the AYE Club in 2007, but my 13th will be a particularly emotional event. My father was brought up in Edinburgh and met my mother while they were medical students together at Edinburgh University in 1947 (dissecting a cadaver together - honest!). Dad became a doctor, but sadly died last July. May 31st 2015, the day of this year's marathon, would have been Mum and Dad's 63rd wedding anniversary, but that is not to be.

It so happens that we run past Dad's family home opposite Leith Links in Claremont Park at around the 3 mile mark of the marathon. I have promised Mum that I will make "sign of the cross" as I pass the house in memory of Dad. Remarkably before she was married Mum lived in digs close to the marathon finish in Musselburgh.

My story does not end there, because Dad studied the Great War in great depth and was especially interested in its impact on advances in medicine. His large library of books remains as a testament to his interest. My grandfather (Mum's father) George Frew fought in the Great War and left for the trenches exactly 100 years ago in May 1915. In 1910 he was captain of the Scottish rugby team, but 5 years later as Lieutenant George Frew he led the 50 men of the 5th Cameron Highlanders machine gun section. He was shot through the chest by a German sniper and seriously injured at the Battle of Loos in September 1915. He survived to meet my grandmother, who was a VAD nurse and helped him to recover. The rest is family history!

George Frew was a great sportsman and played 7 of his 15 rugby internationals at Inverleith in Edinburgh. Dad himself played rugby for Edinburgh University and Edinburgh Wanderers and was a strong quarter miler. When I run in the Edinburgh Marathon I continue in their sporting tradition. Last year I managed to finish 3rd vet-60 and did once manage 1st vet-50. This year though the Edinburgh Marathon will not be about my own result, but about the achievements of those who have gone before me.

I will be proudly remembering both Dad and my grandfather throughout the 26.2 miles this year. In September later this year I will also be running the Somme Poppy Marathon in their honour. Beforehand I will be laying a wreath of 50 thistles at the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium in honour of the 50 men in the Cameron Highlanders section led by my grandfather, most of whom did not return.

Lest we forget

Michael McCabe


April 2014 - The Real Marathon Men - London Marathon Everpresents

This is the story of 42 marathon runners who were created as the 'Everpresents' by the London Marathon in 1995 after they run 15 consecutive Londons. Now, 33 years later only 15 remain. Their story is a testimony to a 'never say die' spirit that has sustained them during the thousands of marathons they have run all over the world. Dale Lyons, one of the last 15, has combined a detailed factual record from his research with many heart warming anecdotes and incredible hardship stories in tracking the Everpresents' journey since 1981.Their triumphs and cruel disappointments, the amazing sums they have raised for countless charities, their incredible running records at home and abroad and their fascinating and colourful lives away from the marathon treadmill makes for absorbing and enlightening reading. This is a book to honour their commitment to the London, one of the greatest city Marathons and provides a lasting tribute to a rapidly diminishing group ravaged by
injury, accident, illness and death. The book will provide inspiration and motivation not only to marathon runners but to those watching the London each year thinking "that could be me!"

Published January 2014
266 pages, price £7.99 + £2.60 pp.
Orders to Dale Lyons dale@5rhg.co.uk

April 2014- Virgin London Marathon - Our Everpresent Friends
AYE Club runners join the Everpresents for a pre-race photograph.
Click on image for larger image.

May 2013 - Edinburgh Evening News clipping
Kenneth Heney successfully completes all 4 Edinburgh Marathon events.

Full story

June 2013 - Newspaper Clipping
Michael McCabe makes it into his local newspaper with a good mention for the AYE Club !
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2012 saw the 10th anniversary of the EM and to celebrate, the AYE Club invited Donald MacGregor as guest of honour at our annual get together / pre-race meal. Donald is absolutely a living legend - not only is he one of only 8 Scottish Olympic marathon runners (Munich 1972) but his personal best time over the immortal distance is a breathtaking 2 Hrs 14 min and 15 seconds (Christchurch 1974). Donald regalled us with fascinating tales of running days gone by and had copies of his autobiography 'Running My Life' (2010). A truly inspirational evening !


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2011 POEM - Number 9 Number 9 Number 9

Four months of training
Tucked away
Like coins saved
For a rainy day.

Taper-down time
As ideal as it sounds
Gives rise to the thought
Will my legs get me round?

It takes more than fitness
As previous runs show
More than bravery
The more you know

A Marathon distance
Is something special
Like a magnetic field
To test your metal

The legs feel great
That first 10k
Where people laugh
Along the way

By mile twenty
Heads are bowed
Smiles are harder
Despite the crowd

Your enter race track
Called Muscle-bury
Cross the line
Faking your hurry.

Are we likely
To do this again?
In a few months time
We'll be thinking of Ten!

Good luck all... tomorrow, Sunday.
George McBean ~ May 2011


ORIGINS of the AYE Club
The AYE Club was founded in 2006 after a family team organised by Michael McCabe competed in the Hairy Haggis relay. The Edinburgh Marathon of that year marked the centenary of the 1906/7 rugby season when Scotland won the Triple Crown by defeating England at Blackheath. Michael's grandfather, George Frew played all the games in that Triple Crown winning side during his first international season and became captain of the Scottish side in 1910. A biography of George Frew "The Road to Blackheath and Beyond" can be read here. The book includes some curious parallels between George Frew's rugby internationals and Michael's marathons in London and Edinburgh.

Before the 2006 Edinburgh marathon, Michael's mother, daughter of George Frew, showed him an article from her senior citizen's "SAGA" magazine about the Ever Presents. The Ever Presents are the remarkable runners who have completed every single London marathon and provided the inspiration for the AYE club. The idea of setting up a similar club for the Edinburgh Marathon was born. Michael contacted the Edinburgh Marathon organisers after the 4th official marathon and found that around 100 runners had completed every event since 2003. A few names were tossed around until the "26.2 Mile AYE Club" or "AYE Club" standing for All Years Edinburgh, was the one that stuck. Appropriately AYE is also a Scottish word for "Ever". After the 2010 marathon there were 47 AYE runners and 20 Ever Presents. The AYE Club will celebrate its 10th running of the Edinburgh Marathon during the Olympic year of 2012 and will hopefully continue long after that.