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NEWS (Last update: 5 June, 2017 )
June 2017
The Class of 2017 is confirmed with 23 members, 1 down from 2016. Full details on MEMBERS page.
May 2016

AYE Club annual dinner with guest of honour, Ross Houston.
AYE Club annual photograph with guest, Donald MacGregor.

June 2016
The Class of 2016 is confirmed with 24 members, 2 down from 2015. Full details on MEMBERS page.
June 2015
The Class of 2015 is confirmed with 26 members, one down from 2014. Full details on MEMBERS page.
29th May 2015
AYE Club annual dinner with guest of honour, Chris Finill.
November 2014
One of our number, Kenneth Stewart, ran the Dublin Marathon on 27th October 2014 and so brought his total marathon tally to an astonishing 100 - total respect Kenneth!
30th May 2014
The 'Class of 2014' is compiled, see MEMBERS
25th May 2014
The AYE Club has a new President - Chris Burns
18th May 2014
Picture of AYE runners in Virgin London Marathon joining the Everpresents at a pre race photograph plus notes from a book published in January this year on the astonishing Everpresents story.
22nd October 2013
Member details and picture now posted for Allan Gall - see MEMBERS page. Also, a great story on Kenneth Heney posted - see MISC page. And finally, a picture of Robert Cole - at last !
17th January 2013
The AYE Club is delighted to announce that we have a new President - George Douglas.
6th December 2012
Class of 2012 stats documents added to STATS page.
5th December 2012
Images of 2012 medal added to MEDALS page.
26th November 2012 - Website Updates
Home page, members page, gallery page all updated to refelct the 'Class of 2012'. 2012 medal image and stats document to follow along with piece and pictures from 10th Anniversary dinner.
19th June 2012 - Alan Wardell
Alan died on 21st June 2012 at the tragically young age of just 46 years - he was playing five aside football with friends when he suffered a devastating stroke.
17th June 2011 - Iain Rankin
Iain Rankin's profile now has text and a photograph.
14th June 2011 - Kenneth Heney
Update to Kenneth Heney profile on Members page
9th June 2011
The AYE Club website has been completly re-built - please let Chris Burns know of any glitches. On the new site we have the Class of 2011 report on Stats page, updated Members page and new pictures of medals from the 1985, 1999 and, of course, 2011 Edinburgh Marathons. We hope to fill in the final two medals (1983 and 1986) soon.
23rd May 2011
Results are now on Edinburgh Marathon website - AYE Club 'Class of 2011' will be updated on this website as soon as possible.
23rd May 2011 - A Poem by George McBean
George penned this humerous ditty for run #9 - you can read it here.
10th May 2011
After the sad loss of Colin Crampton, the potential number of entrants to the 2011 race by AYE Club members was 46. As noted below, 39 of our number had entered by the beginning of March leaving 7 unaccounted for. I hope to be updating the site shortly with news of these 7 people.
09th March 2011
New member photos and info added for Yvonne Prager, Ross Laing and George Douglas.
03rd March 2011
The class of 2010 has 47 runners as members and so far we have confirmation that 39 of this number have entered the 2011 race - there are 7 left, go for it !
16th November 2010
The Edinburgh Marathon team kindly offer a 20% discount to all AYE Club members entering next years race.
04 August 2010 - The Origins of the AYE Club
A new page has been added to the website explaining more on how the club came into being - click here.
30 July 2010 - Colin Crampton
It is with great regret and just two months after this years Edinburgh Marathon that we have learnt that one of our number, Colin Crampton, passed away just last week. Our sincere condolences to his family. There follows a few notes from his son: “He loved everything about Edinburgh and always talked about the mile aye club. He ran 21 marathons in total but always insisted Edinburgh was the best, I came up with him 2008 and 2009 and met some of you after the race at Musselburgh, and he took part this year too. He really did love the club, the race and the city itself.”
22 June 2010 - The Class of 2010 is Finally Confirmed
I now have confirmation that Niall McLellan did not enter this year and so our membership stands at 47.
17 June 2010 - AYE Club T-Shirts
Photographs of all 3 AYE Club t-shirts can now be found at the foot of the Medals page. The examples shown here are well worn !
08 June 2010 - 2010 Medal
Photograph of 2010 Medal complete with deatil of engraving on reverse has been added to the medals page.
03 June 2010 - The Class of 2010
Several reports added to the Stats page detailing the class of 2010, their times and categories.
31 May 2010 - 2010 Pre-Race Photograph
Just received 2010 picture and so we now have a complete set of official club pre-race photographs from 2007 onward - check them all out on the gallery page.
26 May 2010 - Previous Edinburgh Marathons
A trawl through the archives has confirmed that there were 3 Edinburgh Marathons in the 1980's: 1982, 1985 & 1986 plus in 1999, there was a marathon from Edinburgh to Dunfermline. Chris Burns ran in 1982 & 1985 events and Paul Blakely ran in the 1985 and 1999 events.
24 May 2010 - It's a funny old world !
While Sunday peaked at around 25 degrees (according to most websites), the BBC weather forecast this evening has the temperature in Edinburgh tomorrow down to a near perfect 12 degrees.
24 May 2010 - AYE Club appearance on final EM 2010 e-newsletter
In last year's marathon, 55 people formed an elite band of those who had run every one of the seven marathons, since the latest series of Edinburgh marathons started in 2003. The 26.2 Mile Aye Club consists of these runners. "We're hoping that everyone that completed last year's marathon will complete their eighth on May 23rd" says their President, Robert Cole, who will be running his 10th marathon. Some of the runners have been using that other significant marathon down the road in London as a warm up for this year's big event in Edinburgh, others such as Ross Laing have completed an ultra 53 mile run since he last ran in Edinburgh. The Mile Aye Club includes four sub-3 hour marathon runners. The most recent being Michael McCabe, who managed to crack the 3-hours for the first time at the 21st attempt in London. Michael told us: "At 56 I thought I had left it too late in life, so the sight of 2:58:55 on the clock gave me a real thrill. Even more extraordinary was being refused entry to a "runners only" charity reception afterwards because "I did not look as if I had run a marathon".

21 May 2010 - Complete set of Club photographs now on website
We now have group photographs from all 3 years since the club was founded in 2007 - you can see these on the Gallery page and also download full resolution versions if you want to order high quality prints.
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